Unshed Tears
Unshed Tears love stories

boroborosupapon Writing for pleasure not for pressure
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Unshed tears transformed into words.

Unshed Tears

I want to cry.

For i feel alone.

I want to cry.

Coz i feel like nothing makes sense anymore.

I want to cry,

Cry for my heart.

Breaking inside me.

I want to cry.

For the reason that i pick my phone everyday is walking away.

I want to cry.

Almost 7 years together and he found someone better.

I want to cry.

For its all i could do.

Even if i feel sick to my stomach.

This cold creeping feeling wont let me rest.

I want to cry.

The meaning and embodiment of my happiness has now realized that i..

I am not enough.

It hurts so much.

This burning sensation in my eyes.

This churning in my chest.

The breaking of my heart.

The mirage of a world i used to know wont ever end.

I feel so sad.

Sad that my heart will never be the same way again.

Sad that my self worth will begin to fade.

Sad that I..

I can't see how this ends happily for me.


Sad that i..

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