How Racking Protectors are a Great Way to Protect Your Staff
How Racking Protectors are a Great Way to Protect Your Staff safety barriers stories

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How Racking Protectors are a Great Way to Protect Your Staff

Warehouses are usually very busy environments with a lot going on. Staff are often very busy with various targets and deadlines to meet.

People are also often pone to tiring during a long day’s work. This makes it pretty much inevitable that accidents will happen, no matter how much care is taken to avoid them.

With heavy equipment and items stacked high up, a warehouse environment has the potential to be disastrous.

Among the most common accidents in warehouses is crashing into racking with equipment such as forklift trucks.

With the potential for items on the higher shelves to fall down on those below, it is easy to see just how hazardous this can be for warehouse personnel!

Preventing Collisions with Racking Protectors

The best way to prevent staff from picking up injuries in this way is to prevent such collisions in the first place.

One simple way to do this is with racking protectors or safety barriers that form a protective barrier.

Should a collision occur, for whatever reason, the protector will take the brunt of the force, and the rack will remain untouched.

With no collisions occurring, your staff below are as safe as they can be.

Modern Materials and Technology

Racking protection is by no means a new invention, but it is now more sophisticated than ever before. In the past, barriers would be constructed of solid metal and other hard materials.

While this would do an excellent job at protecting the racking, it’s rigid nature would still make for quite an impact.

Modern barriers, however, are designed to be flexible in order to absorb the impact of a collision.

This further reduces the chances of an injury and helps to prevent damage to the barrier itself. Equipment and vehicles, like your fork lift trucks, are also more protected.

Avoid Costly Errors

While the safety of your staff should always be your paramount concern, there is also the financial aspect to consider.

Collisions with racking have the potential to cause a great deal of damage to valuable goods and stock. This can be very costly to replace or repair.

In addition, there is also the possibility of financial compensation, given to staff members that may be involved in an accident.

Again, the best way to avoid this is to prevent collisions with racking in the first place, and Flex Impact racking protection allows for this.

Investing in modern racking protection for your warehouse is a wise investment; one that will be repaid many times over!

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