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The conversation between to teenagers stuck in an elevator.

Stuck In The Middle

by bookworm123

She was busy with her phone. He was quietly humming a song.

The lights suddenly flickered.

They were plunged into darkness. He heard her gasping, and a clonk from something hitting the floor.

Then the light was back. The phone was on the floor.

He looked at her, as she bent down to get it. Her chestnut brown hair covered her face.

Soon she stood up, and put the phone in her pocket.

That's when they noticed.

The elevator had stopped moving.

"We're stuck" he stated. She nodded.

"Right in the middle" she added.

He sat down and she frowned at him. "What are you doing?"

"I'm resting. I'm tired" he replied.

She joined him there, on the dusty floor.

She sat in the corner. Her eyes studying him.

"If we're stuck here for a while, we can as well get to know each other" she suggested. "Sure" he replied.

" and age?" she asked. "Jonathan Wilde, 17. You?"

"Heather May, 17 as well" she answered and smiled lightly.

"School?" he asked. "Amber High" "Me too!" "Weird we didn't meet each other before" "Yeah..."

"Favourite food?" she asked. "Nachos" "That's just a snack" "No it's not!"

"It isn't?" "Nope. Nachos is registrated as food"

"Favourite Sport?" he asked. "The only excersize I do, is walking, sometimes running, towards the fridge."

Suddenly the light flickered, and the speaker scratted.

"We now have control over the elevator again. We are going to get it to the first floor, and any passengers can come out then" a voice said.

They both stood up, and she smiled at him. He smiled as well

"It has been a pleasure meeting you, Heather" he said. "The pleasure was all mine" she said and grinned.

When they were let out, he got her out to the side with him.

She looked confusedly at him, and he cleared his throat. "Can I... get your number?" he asked. "Sure!" she said.

The End

A/N: People, I know this was super lame, but I was bored.

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