Storytime: My life so far
Storytime: My life so far me stories

bookworm123 My life is a meme
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Wanna hear more? About me?

Storytime: My life so far

by bookworm123

I'm not selfish. Don't think that about me.

But I'm sure you'll want to know, where this miracle aka me, came from. Now, that was way too arrogant.

People I'm bored, and its 4 in the morning. Don't judge.

So, I was born on the 23rd of June, 2003. At night.

It was at 22:24, my mother told me. And it was really, really, REALLY bad weather. Like, really bad.

So, when they came to the hospital (I'm born in Copenhagen, Denmark)...

I don't really want to tell you about all THAT. You probably know how a birth happens and so.

Anyway, I was born. Little fat baby.

So, back then, mothers were allowed to stay in the hospital for up to a week after giving birth, for their comfort. We stayed for 5 days.

Its kinda weird I spend the first 5 days of my life in hospital, without any reason, really.

Oh well, this story is coming to and end. I just turned 14, and apparently, I may have a twin (apparently. not sure).

What did I do in my childhood? Oh well, from 0-4 I probably just ate, slept and pooped. And went on like that.

After that, the only difference is I learned to read.

Okay...I'm gonna sleep now.


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