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Questions with Answers!

Questions with Answers!

Since only a very few people asked me questions, I got some of my friends to ask me questions they would ask me if they met me for the first time.

So here they are!

Q1: How do you come up with story ideas? A1: I just look at my surroundings, think about weird stuff, take bits of my everyday life, and combine all of them! Just write and let your thoughts take over!

Q2: How old are you? A2: As some of you may know, I'm fourteen years old.

Q3: What is your name? A3: My name is Zeenat, I'm not gonna tell you my last name ;-)

Q4: What do you do for fun? A4: I read, eat, sleep and repeat. Yes, it rhymes, I know.

Q5: Where do you live? A5: I live in Copenhagen, which is in Denmark, which is in Scandinavia, which is in Europe, which is on Earth.

And yeah, that was pretty much it. This was one of my boring posts, sorry guys.

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