My "Whyyy?!" moments as a fangirl
My "Whyyy?!" moments as a fangirl sad stories

bookworm123I need to think my thoughts through
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Spoiler alert! Just a few of my sad moments I wanted to share with you D:

My "Whyyy?!" moments as a fangirl

by bookworm123

Hippopotomonstrosequipedaliphobia- fear of long words

You gotta be freaking kidding me!

When Anakin turned into Vader :'( (Though Vader's theme song is awesome)

The fact that Katniss volunteered so Primrose wouldn't die, but that girl died anyway later on.

Just the whole thing about Harry's parents dying. + Hedvig. And Lupin. Sirius. Tonks. Dobby. Even Snape. *cries in the corner*

My heart sobbed when Tris' mother died :((

This isn't fiction, but Paul Walker died too...

These are all so sad... Sorry for being depressive guys.

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