Murder (Part 2 of the "Sorry, not sorry" series)
(Part 2 of the "Sorry, not sorry" series) cold stories

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Part Two of the "Sorry, not sorry" series. Did you guys enjoyed reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it?

Murder (Part 2 of the "Sorry, not sorry" series)

by bookworm123

He opened the door. She hadn't locked it.

Stupid girl, he thought. It screeched.

He entered. Small dust-clouds formed for each step.

He frowned. He was sure it was here.

It had to be here.

Maybe she hadn't cleaned. Yes. That was the explanation.

He stepped further inside. Everything seemed normal.

He knew where the bedroom was. He walked towards the door.

So many doors. So many decisions. So many difficulties.

He couldn't hesitate. Not again.

He opened it. It didn't make a sound.

One step and he was inside the room. It was simple.

Bed, wardrobe, desk. Nothing more.

He could hear her breath. She was sleeping.

He bent down besides the bed. He admitted it. She was pretty

But she could cause so much damage. She'd done it to him.

She had to be stopped. For the sake of everyone.

Her hair was loose. He tucked some of it behind her ear.

Carefully, he removed the blankets above her. No mess here.

At least, not yet.

He got out the weapon. The gun.

It was already loaded. All he had to do was shoot.

He hesitated. Once again.

Was this really worth it? Was death the only solution?


In this case it was.

He pointed the gun at her. Right at the heart.

Good she was asleep. He didn't wanted a lot of suffering.

He knew she'd done it on purpose He knew, she knew he'd come

She'd made it difficult for him But she'd underestimated him

He was stronger than her.

Now he'd win and she'd lose. They both knew it.

He turned his head away. And shot.

The sound boomed through his head. It remained there forever

He made sure not to look at her. His eyes were other places.

He made his way out. And closed the door behind him.

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