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bookworm123My life is a meme
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Let's get to know each other, aye? Or... You get to know me.

Get to know me!

by bookworm123

So. I'll give you basic info. If you want details, comment.

I'm thirteen years old, almost fourteen.

And no, I haven't had an unlucky year.

I live in Copenhagen! It's the capital of Denmark.

If you haven't heard about Denmark, don't worry, it's just a little piece of poo up north

I am a fangirl.

So sorry if you have to experience some of my fangirl moments.

Favourite Color: Blue, Purple or Green

Favourite Food: Everything unhealthy, honestly

Okay, no, I DO care about my health, I'm just lazy as... you know

Favourite movie: Forest Gump is life

Run Forrest, RUUUN!

Favourite Disney movie: I think, Frozen... Don't judge guys.

Yes, this is a category for itself, okay? xD

Favourite activity: Sleep, sleep, and a little more sleep!

I don't really know what to tell you guys about.

I think I'm just a really boring person. Are you asleep?

A thing I really like, are these GIF's on Commaful xD

A thing I don't like, yes almost hate is dry ketchup.

On the top of the bottle! I mean, come ON!

Oh and year, just a random detail, but I wear glasses.

And this GIF is so me!

I'm a weirdo and proud.

I'm also a nerd. Really.

You can get the nerdiest comments from me, FREE

I love Simpsons, but I've never watched a whole episode.

Don't kill me.

I want to bombard you with Simpsons GIF's, but you'll leave

I guess that's it for now. I'll just go hide in a bush.

You notice I still showed you Simpsons GIF's? I'm so sly xD

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