Cheater consequence stories

bookworm123I need to think my thoughts through
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So, I know the gif's makes this unserious, but please read the text and ignore the gif's xD


by bookworm123

"You cheated on me?!" she screamed.

He took a step back, obviously intimidated by her rage. He hold his hands up in surrender. "It wasn't my damn fault!" he replied.

She laughed. It was a crazy laugh, a laugh that showed she was hurt on the inside. "How the heck couldn't it be your fault?!" she asked furiously.

"Well," he started, but she cut him off. "No, stop! I don't want to hear it." she yelled.

"But you said-" "I know bloody well what I said!"

She caught her breath, and pointed accusingly at him. "Regret. That's what I feel now. I regret falling in love with you. I regret EVERYTHING!"

"We're OVER!" she continued screaming. "Fine!" he shouted in return.

She turned around. And walked away.

He was left behind in rage and his fists tightened.

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