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She knew something was wrong. She made her way home. I followed her.


She walked. Walked around the market, knowing something was up.

Knowing that something was wrong. But she didn't understand.

After a while she got tired of looking at the same stands, and started to make her way home.

I followed her.

She soon noticed. After all, she was raised to suspect everything.

Instead of confronting me, she ran. And God, could she run.

But I was faster. Faster than her.

Even though this was her neighborhood, she got lost, and ended up in a dead end.

When she realized her mistake, she turned around. In her eyes, I saw not fear, nor anger, but determination.

She was determined to fight. But so was I.

I went over, and tackled her to the ground, before she could do anything else, than press her nails into my arm. It hurt, but not enough for me to let go of my position.

I sat on her stomach, so she could still breathe, but she was still unable to move.

I looked her in the eye, and only saw pure hatred.

"Dawn Gonzalez," I started, while I pulled out my knife from my pocket.

"Your father has been a bad man, you know," I told her, the weight of the knife heavy in my hand.

"And sadly, you will have to pay for his bad deeds. Then maybe he will learn to behave," I continued, and smiled grimly at her.

"Don't blame me, for the crimes of my father" she choked out. I made sure she wasn't under all my weight. I didn't want her to die. Yet.

"Darling, I have orders. And if I complete them, I will have money. That's how the world goes round, right?" I asked her. She didn't reply.

I took out the knife, so she could see it. I admired it, as it blinked in the dim moonlight. What a beautiful, and yet deathly creation.

I looked down on her, her eyes were firmly set on the knife, as I fiddled with it, just to play with her. I can't say I don't love my job.

"You like this one? Don't worry, you'll have a really close look at it soon," I said, and she looked a me, a glint of fear in her eyes.

"Please don't do this. Don't do this to me" she begged.

I looked down on her, not even bothering to hide the amusement in my eyes. "But I have to..." I said and trailed of. This was the best part. Where I make them think I'm considering letting them go.

Her eyes lit up in hope, as she saw my fake hesitation. "No you don't. You can away or something" she suggested.

"But I don't want to," I told her, and she frowned. "Then what do you want to do?" she asked.

"This!" I said, and raised the knife high over my head. Her eyes widened in fear, and she made a sound that was a mix between a scream and a shout.

Then I stabbed the knife down in her throat, and got up. She wouldn't be able to follow. Stupid as she was, she immediately took out the knife, causing more blood to run into her throat.

I bent down beside her. "Have a good afterlife Dawn" I said, and she looked at me with hatred and fear in her eyes.

Then I walked away. And left the dying body of a 18 year old, daughter og a gang leader behind.

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