Walls stories
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bookwanderessA girl who is trying to express herself
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A short story (?) about anxiety and insecurity in life.


by bookwanderess

We built a lot of walls around our heart and we wonder why no one comes near us.

But why did we build all these walls?

We thought the walls around us could protect us and hide us from what is haunting us.

Yes, we are now safe from all the dangers.

But now, all we have left is loneliness.

We have no one to count on when the ghosts from our past creeps back.

We wanted to break down our walls, but the walls are too strong to be broken down.

We sometimes wear our fake smiles, but underneath we are never smiling.

We need someone to be here to comfort us, support us, and guide us

You can make a window on our wall, to let sunshine in.

And maybe get us out of the walls too.

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