Future boyfried
Future boyfried boyfriend stories

bookwanderess A girl who is trying to express herself
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A story dedicated to me future bf XD
It's basically about uncertainty of our future

Future boyfried

by bookwanderess

Sometimes I wonder what will my futre boyfriend look like.

I don't know what exactly is "Love", but I'm sure I can feel it when it's the right time.

I've never held a guy's hand, or dated anyone.

Guys often say their girlfriends are their universe. And I wonder if that's true.

Everything about Love is just an abstract concept to me.

I believe that everyone has an ideal boy friend.

My type of ideal boyfriend, is a person who is willing to listen to me, and love me for who I really am inside.

I never know when will my future boyfriend meet me, but I'm sure fate has already planned ahead for me.

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