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A true story, from my college years.

Teachers Change Lives

So my freshman year of college I had to do a group project. We (as little future educators) had to go interview a teacher each, and then set up a presentation based on what we learned .

We set up the questions, picked educators, and off we went!

Our professor went over our questions with us and they were basic things. 

“Any major mistakes in your career?”

“How far and beyond do you go to assure that your lessons are not only effective, but engaging as well?”.

“ What continuously motives you day-by-day to teach—even when you sensed otherwise?” 

There were others, and our professor liked all of them accept for one, “ Name one occurrence where you had to handle a solemn emergency, and describe your first reaction regarding it”.

My professor said that that was a question everyone used and that there were rarely any interesting answers. We kept it in anyway as a filler question.

There were six of us in a group. We collectively interviewed coaches, principals, high school teachers, elementary school teachers etc. I decided to interview my university English professor. 

She did great, and when it came time for this question she got very quiet.

She took a deep breath and then answered, “I actually had a student hand me a suicide note at the university where I previously worked.

It was turned in with an assignment, and I didn’t actually read it until after class.

I had to get the campus police involved and they tracked him down and were able to get him help (via counseling). The student was okay, and was able to get the help he needed.

I’m glad I decided to grade that day.

” She continued on saying that she felt like students could trust their English teachers (at the high school and college level) because they were so personable.

She literally saved a student’s life, but felt it was because she was an English teacher and not because she was an amazing teacher.

She is humble, energetic, loves her job, and is everything I strive to be in a person. Needless to say we put the question and her answer in the presentation.

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