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These are just the struggles I have personally experienced in the American south which desperately lacks resources for LGBT youth. There are more struggles that I have yet to experience such as homelessness, job discrimination, housing discrimination, and more. The fight is not over, and some wounds do not heal. 


Have you ever been told you were just going through a faze?

Been terrified to face your feelings, because according the religion you were raised in,

if you even acknowledge those feelings the God that loves you will now hate you and damn you to eternity into a fiery pit?

Had hell described to you in horrific detail as a young child and been told the types of people that end up there.... people like you?

Have you ever prayed it would go away?

When you got your first big crush were you excited? Or were you terrified with the realization that you were something abnormal?

Have you ever been sat down by a immediate family member and asked if the rumors they heard about you were true?

If those rumors were true, they would explain, they could find you help to "fix" you, because being who you are is unacceptable.

The people who are your only emotional and financial support let you know that if you acted on the love that was in your heart they would abandon you. How would you have responded at 13?

Have you ever become good at lying? Have you had to lie like your life depended on it?

Have you ever been told that you are making things up or that the truth is hard to believe?

Have you been treated as the joke of your family? 

Have you ever thought that if you killed yourself you wouldn't be the disappointment they tell you would be?

Have you ever been accused of being "cured" or "faking" because you dated the opposite sex for?

Have you ever cried when you see families accepting their LGBT children, because you know the alternative is killing LGBT youth by the thousand?

Have you ever been afraid to hold your significant other's hand in public?

Have you ever been on a date and had to call the police, because a pervert was getting off and touching himself in public,

by watching you (underage) and your (underage) SO kiss and hold hands in a park?

Have you ever been afraid to tell someone you're interested in your sexuality?

Have you ever been called a pervert by a romantic interest of the opposite sex because of your past relationships?

Have you ever been denied a date because "I don't date Bi girls?"

Have you ever been called disgusting by classmates or teammates? 

Has your family ever told you that you were to softhearted by being friends with "the gays" and you shouldn't associate with them because it "people will talk" or "it will get you shot"?

Have you ever been told that you can date who you want as long as you "don't bring one home for dinner"?

Has your family ever pretended to be supportive all along because it's politically correct now, even though they shunned you and made you have breakdowns trying to deny who you were? 

Have they ever told you they "just don't want to see it on TV"?

Have your ever not taken a date home to meet your family because of the color of their skin?

Has your family ever uttered that their daughters/sons would never mix blood?

Have you ever been threatened with physical violence because of how you look?

Have any of your best friends ever been sent to a church to have "the gay exorcised out of them"?

Have you ever been to afraid to visit a gay club, just in case someone you know sees you?

Have you ever had your things vandalized?

Have you ever been told you don't belong to a community because of who you are currently dating? 

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