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The sun was setting And the cold was beginning to creep in

Face of Death

The sun was setting,

And the cold was beginning to creep in

“I’m betting I won’t survive the night”.

A car that won’t start can provide little warmth.

The man sat alone, shivering in his car as the world around him turned to silver,

He began praying to Gods he no longer believed in, to spare him.

Death was slinking gradually towards that wooded ol’ highway.

Sensing where it was needed,

This time, it felt, might be different

The man stared out the fogged window as the hooded figure walked by.

It turned, and stared at him, but kept walking.

“Why would death leave me?” he questioned to the hollowness of the car

He toughed out that frozen night, although he thought he was a goner.

He continued his life

Eventually forgetting the face of Death

Decades passed and the now very old man laid weak and feeble

He went to sleep one last time beside his Mary.

He awoke, to the face he had seen many years ago. He followed Death, leaving his body and his beloved Mary behind.

Death and he walked a while, until finally got the courage to ask he why he was spared that haunted winter night.

And why he was able to live so long.

Death laughed a laugh that once Chrysippus heard

“Time has no meaning.” Death stated, answering the question of long and short lives in it's own cryptic way.

“But from it you can never run”. Death turned and handed the old man his scepter.

“My day is over, but yours has just begun”

Death walked on leaving the once man to ponder,

But before he can ponder his place in this afterlife

It began to walk towards Manhattan,

Something big was about to happen...

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