My Favorite Movies
My Favorite Movies stories
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booksnbandsHi I like to read. I love to rant. Bye.
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I love movies!

My Favorite Movies

by booksnbands

Harry Potter

My number one favorite. I've seen them all and they are so cool. P.S. I'm a Gryffindor.

Hunger Games

I have seen every single one of them and read the books.. I would be the first tribute to die.


Sheo my otp. In the movies their relationship is goals! Like, who wouldn't want to have a hot dare devil boyfriend???

Percy Jackson

They have only made two movies so far, but I LOVE THEM! The books were amazing. P.S. Percy is so much hotter in the books.....


Edward, Bella, Jacob. Their love triangle is mesmerizing. Renesme is so cute. The books are better.


I would love to go to Narnia. Plus I want to meet a centaur really bad....

Maze Runner

Amazing. Thomas and Teresa were my otp. But Teresa is a traitor.

Austin Powers

Yeah, Baby! He is so cool!

The Host

The Host was awesome. I love aliens. I'm not saying they're aliens. Uh- I think you know what I mean.


To watch good movies you need: 1: Popcorn 2: A pillow fort 3: A good movie 4: Tissues Good Luck!

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