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booksnbandsHi I like to read. I love to rant. Bye.
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Things that make me happy/ facts.. Cool beans. Thanks for reading!

Hello World

by booksnbands

Things That Make Me Happy

I just want to say one thing. When people tell you what makes them happy you find a lot about that person. So here are ten things that make me happy....


One thing that makes me happy is proper grammar. It drives me crazy when people use improper grammar....


Wattpad makes me so happy! Wattpad is an app where you can read free books and write. Like I'll be mad one second, open up Wattpad and BAM! I'm happy.


Not having homework can be the best thing in the world. When I don't have homework I read Wattpad, and as said before, Wattpad makes me very happy. Plus I don't like homework.


Fandoms. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Twilight, etc. Fandoms make me so happy!


Alternative rock bands are so awesome. I love listening to music because it puts me at ease and it makes me feel happy.


Winter. Weird, I know. I like winter because during winter my parents don't force me outside instead of watching Netflix.


My family. My family makes me happy just by being there for me and not pressuring me during school or when writing books or making fun of me very lightly for liking larping. They're just cool.


Netflix. *insert dreamy sigh* I think this is pretty self explanatory.


Food. Nobody needs anything when you have food.


Writing. The best thing ever. I love writing so much. I can dance in my writing and not look like a freak.


Thanks so much if you actually looked at this. So you know just about everything about me.. BYE!! Happy Farting! 3~

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