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booksnbandsHi I like to read. I love to rant. Bye.
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Rant Warning!

Am I Confident?

by booksnbands

Not exactly....


That's an excellent question.

I have know clue.

Maybe it's the lack of a social life. Or how I am awkward in every shape and form.

I can't.....

1) Order Subway, my mom says what I want because I start to freak out. 2) Stand in front of people without blushing and sweating. 3) Post a video of my friends and me on youtube.

Am I confident anywhere?

Yes, yes I am. And that place just seems to be social media. I confide into this. It's fun.


I do worry about what people are going to say about me. But I know they would never say it to my face...... That's how I deal with my awkwardness.

Goodbye World!

Thanks for listening!

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