How to do it right wrong
How to do it right wrong confused stories

booknerd247 Shared stupidity is... better
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How to do it right wrong

When some people do something "wrong", for example they drop a cake or say something false at school or they are just clumsy, objectively speaking,

it should be embarrassing or annoying but when they do it it feels even better as if they did it right. They do it wrong but in the right way.

People like flaws like clumsiness or innocent stupidity, they make a person even more sympathetic than if they were well organized and intelligent.

And some people even manage to be right wrong in every situation.

I`m not like this.

Every time i do something wrong it feels very wrong to me and the people around me.

Embarrassment and discomfort are the predominant feelings.

It`s just...

And I`m confused, I do it wrong wrong but I need to do it right wrong. Right?

But how?

Most people don't even seem to notice their superpower in doing things right wrong.

so how can I do things right wrong?

I need to know!!!

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