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Name: REAVER3000
Mission: observe humans, report back findings


Reaver by Mari

*So, this is not entirely mine. I started a collab with @fawkes (which is run by two people) awhile back. But then some things happened, so I continued it with just one of them. When I came back from my break, I found that her personal account was gone. So I finished our collab by myself. The idea for this story was not mine. But I only used my parts, not theirs.

*Credits for the plot idea go to Avi and Tan from @fawkes. But I wrote everything in here by myself.

----- Name of bot: REAVER3000

----- Name of bot: REAVER3000 Location: Planet 6032 (known as "Earth" to residents), United States of America, Kentucky

----- Name of bot: REAVER3000 Location: Planet 6032 (known as "Earth" to residents), United States of America, Kentucky Mission: investigate humans, learn their habits, explore the land and determine its suitability, report findings back to Gaunuts (home species and creators of Reaver3000) -----

I'm standing in the hallway of an Earthen school. The humans walk past me, their squishy, fleshy arms brushing my metal plating. Of course, they don't feel metal.

The Gaunuts gave me a disguise to help me blend in both visually and physically. When the humans touch me, they feel skin and muscles and bones, just like theirs.

Something is approaching me. My internal computer automatically scans it and gives me a report in the corner of my vision.

----- Species: Homo Sapien

----- Species: Homo Sapien Sex: Female

----- Species: Homo Sapien Sex: Female Age: Adolescent, approximately 16 Earth years old

----- Species: Homo Sapien Sex: Female Age: Adolescent, approximately 16 Earth years old Threat level: 1.5/10 -----

"Hello," she says to me.

----- Hello: a phrase said by humans, used to greet each other -----

"Hello," I say.

"What's your name?" she asks.

Ah yes, this I am able to answer. "I am REAVER3000."

"Cool! Can I call you Reaver?"

"You may."

"Nice. I'm Julie." She sticks her appendage out in front of her, extending it towards me.

I just stare at her.

"It's a handshake," she says slowly.

----- Handshake: a human ritual of grasping hands, used during greetings or agreements -----

I stick out my "hand" and wrap it clumsily around hers. She moves it up and down.

"Could you move out of the way, please? You're right in front of my locker."

I quickly back up to the opposite side of the hallway. Julie gives me an odd look, but says nothing.

She spins a dial on a large rectangular compartment several times before the compartment door swings open. She grabs some items, places them in her bag, then walks back to me.

"Where's your first class?" she asks.

Multiple definitions for "class" appear in the corner of my vision. "I do not know."

"Let me see your schedule," Julie says, holding out her hand.

I look down. My hand is clutching a piece of folded paper. I hold it out in front of me, and she takes it.

"Oh!" Julie says after a few moments of looking at the paper. "You're with me! Algebra II with Mr. Callis." She gives me back my "schedule" and walks off. "Well? Are you coming?"

I follow her.


A strange ringing noise emits from a box in the corner of the classroom. All of the humans get up from their desks and run out of the room.

But it's not like the last several times the bell rang. I detect higher levels of dopamine and serotonin, indicating that they are happy.

"Reaver! Come on! It's lunch time!" Julie is standing in the doorway, waiting for me.

Lunch time? Is this another class? I stand up from my chair and follow Julie.

I have sat through three periods, each an hour long, where an adult human stands in front of a group of adolescent humans and speaks to no one,

while the students stare at the walls or make strange markings on their papers. They do not resemble any forms of written communication that I am programmed to recognize.

When I mentioned it to Julie, she called it "doodling". I am unsure what that means, but I believe it is a passtime.

Julie pulls out something small from the folds of her clothing and taps on it as we walk through the halls. It is flat and shiny, and one side of it lights up.

My internal computer scans it and recognizes it as a cellular device.

She looks up and notices me staring at her cellular device. "What? Do you not have a phone?"

I shake my head, as I have seen other humans do when answering "no".

"Can I hold it?" I ask her.

Julie places it in my hands. My fingers do not grasp it as comfortably or naturally as hers do. A screen pops up with numbers in rows.

"What is this?"

"You have to put in a password to get into my phone."

"Ah. Is it for security purposes?"

Julie laughs. "Yes, it is."

I hand the phone back to her.

"You know, Reaver, you're a strange little guy."


"But that's ok."


"Being strange is fun. And I could use some fun right now."

She smiles at me. And strangely enough, I feel the corners of my mouth lift in response.

We reach a pair of double doors ringed with metal. Julie pushes them open, giving way to a multitude of lights and sounds that immediately overwhelm my sensors.

The room is filled with many students seated at rectangular tables. My computer scans the room and gives me a report.

----- Individuals detected: 242

----- Individuals detected: 242 Age range of individuals: 14-18 Earth years -----

Julie leads me to one particular table and introduces me to several other humans. I scan them and find that they are all 15-16 Earth years old.

"I'm Tanya."

"And I'm Greg."

"Cecelia, but you can call me Celia."


"It's nice to meet you, Reaver," says Celia.

What should I say? "Thank you," I manage to get out.

Celia smiles at me.


----- 12:30 REAVER3000: I have received an invitation to spend time with the humans at twenty hours, for social purposes. Accept or decline? πŸ…‚πŸ„΄πŸ„½πŸ„³

----- 12:30 REAVER3000: I have received an invitation to spend time with the humans at twenty hours, for social purposes. Accept or decline? πŸ†‚πŸ…΄πŸ…½πŸ…³

12:30 Cravrud: ...

12:30 Cravrud: ...

12:30 Cravrud: ...

12:30 Cravrud: Accept. Send a report of the humans you will be socializing with.

12:31 REAVER3000: |π™΅π™Έπ™»π™΄πŸ½πŸΆπŸ·πŸΉ| πŸ…‚πŸ„΄πŸ„½πŸ„³

12:31 REAVER3000: |π™΅π™Έπ™»π™΄πŸ½πŸΆπŸ·πŸΉ| πŸ†‚πŸ…΄πŸ…½πŸ…³

12:32 Cravrud: ...

12:32 Cravrud: ...

12:32 Cravrud: ...

12:30 Cravrud: ...

12:30 Cravrud: ...

12:30 Cravrud: ...

12:33 Cravrud: We have reason to believe that the mother of Julie Francis, Grace Francis, is associated with the American intelligence organization, also known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation,

also known as the FBI. We believe she will have important information on the Earthens.

See if you can find her device where she keeps sensitive information, and download all information onto your hard drive.

12:33 REAVER3000: Understood. -----

----- Ascol Cravrud: royal advisor to Queen Midriell of Gaunia, leader of Project REAVER, creator of the REAVER3000 -----


Colton, Greg, Tanya, Celia and I are all sitting in a metal contraption called a car. Julie sits at the front of it and is controlling it with a wheel with a hole in the middle.

"So, where are you from, Reaver?" Celia asks me.

Telling the truth would compromise my situation. My computer selects an Earthen country at random.


The humans' faces light up in surprise.

"Woah," says Greg. "You're from Africa?"

Colton, who is sitting in the front next to Julie, turns back and punches Greg playfully on the shoulder. "Dude, Finland is in Canada. Even I know that."

Tanya scoffs. "You're both so dumb."

"I was just kidding! It's in Asia!" Colton says defensively.

A strange feeling boils up inside of me and bursts out in the form of laughter. My first real laugh. It's an odd but wonderful feeling. Everyone else joins in.

"Finland's really far away, though," Tanya says once we settle down.

"Only about 4,526 miles from here," I tell them.

They all laugh. "You say that like it's not that far," Julie says.

I don't tell them that I traveled over 2 billion miles from Gaunia to get here.

Julie stops the car. We are parked right by a field of vegetation. I recognize the plants as grass as well as several types of flowers.

"Why are we here, Julie?" asks Colton.

Julie suppresses a smile. "You'll see."

Earth's central star, called the sun, had long since gone away, leaving the sky black, speckled with twinkling stars.

I had seen stars up close during my trip from Gaunia, and they were huge, fiery, and terrifying. But with this perspective, they looked tiny, harmless, and beautiful.

I now understood the humans' obsession with them. They were truly incredible.

Julie takes a seat on the ground and lies back, spreading out her arms. She stares up at the night sky.

We all copy her.

"What are we looking at?" asks Tanya.

I look over at Julie and see her smile. She points at the sky. "That."

I turn my gaze to the stars, and see an incredible array of tiny lights shooting through the inky darkness.

"Wow," I whisper.

"Julie, how did you know there would be a meteor shower tonight?" Celia asks.

"I have my ways."

I know I am an android. I am not human. I am not alive. But in this moment, surrounded by others who genuinely seem to enjoy my company, witnessing an incredible event, I feel alive.

I feel human.


We're all back in Julie's car. She drives to Greg's house and drops him off. Then she goes to Celia's house, then Tanya's, and finally Colton's.

I take Colton's spot in the front seat after he got out. After he is inside his house, Julie turns to me.

"This was fun."

"It was."

"I don't want it to end," she says softly.

"It doesn't have to," I tell her.

She looks up at me hopefully. "Want to spend the night at my house?"

I nod and smile. She smiles back.

"My parents aren't home. Otherwise, I wouldn't be allowed to have a total stranger over. Well, you aren't exactly a stranger anymore."

"What am I, then?"

"You're my friend."

I have a friend! My smile grows even wider.

So sorry to leave it off there! The story is only about halfway through :/ I have the whole thing written out, I just need to add pictures. So I will be doing that right now and hopefully I will get it done and posted before I fall asleep. I will put the link to it in the comments when I'm finished. Let me know if you want me to tag you! Thanks for reading! -Mari <3 EDIT: part 2 in comments!!

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