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To a certain someone.

Also, getting these thoughts down was difficult. Especially with rhyming.


To you:

I don’t know what I mean to you, Or how often I’m on your mind.

But I care quite a bit for you, And I’m here to tell you why you’re one of a kind.

You’re my reason to grin whenever you’re around, And the cause of my laughter day after day.

You’re a gentleman, truly the sweetest lad. And you light up my world in the brightest way.

You’re my Watson, I’m your Sherlock, But I don’t know if I can compare us to Cecil and Carlos.

I’m your bookworm girl, you’re my gamer boy, Can you think of anything that rhymes with Carlos?

You put up with my quirks, I put up with your “short” jokes, You don’t mind my emo music, so I don’t mind your terrible Christopher Walken impression.

We’re not perfect, but I think we’re pretty darn close, And whether you like it or not, I’ll try to get you to join me in my Harry Potter obsession.

I know this poem sounds like something from Hallmark, Definitely cheesy, though I assure you it’s all quite true.

I must say that without you in my life, My world would become a few shades of blue.

So, thank you for being you, And being the other half of me.

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