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Who Will You Be?

by BookGirl

As children, we grow up dreaming of being heroes and living

Happily Ever After.

As we grow older, those fantasies fade away.

But, why should they?

You could follow your destiny

And become an inspiration,

Like Harry.

Or you could discover new worlds,

And find yourself on your journey,

Like Alice.

Maybe you could use your talents for fighting evil,

And helping those in need,

Like Sherlock.

Perhaps you'll be the wise,

Soothing voice people need to hear,

Like Aslan.

Maybe you'll stick up for what's right,

Instead of hiding in the shadows,

Like Katniss.

There's so many characters you could grow up to be.

Your choices?

Any of the endless names

Covering billions of pages.

I haven't found myself yet.

At least not in any of the characters I've met in my lifetime so far.

I thought maybe I'd end up like Hermione.

Helping others in need with endless knowledge.

Or like Luna.

Not caring what people think, and being the understanding genuine friend we all strive to be, and hope to have.

But I don't think I'm quite like either of those

Beautiful characters.

Yet, that won't stop me from looking for my

"Inner Character". And you shouldn't stop looking either.

So, go find your happily ever after.

Don't let those fantasies and fairy tales fade away.

Because, like we've been told since we were children;

You can be anyone you choose to be.

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