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Shades of Me

by BookGirl

I like to think of my emotions

Depicted as colors

My usual feelings seem to consist

Of a calm grey

A shade

Of light blue

A hint

Of confused magenta

A tad touch

Of burning red

I strive to be

A euphoric yellow

A bright emotion

Radiating happiness

But I'm not close enough to that

If anything, I'm more of a light orange. That's as warm and comforting as I can get.

Sometimes I wonder

If I could be mostly a dark black

A girl filled with the shade of night

Not evil, or bad

Just filled with....Nothingness

No emotions to hold me back

None to hurt me, or make me weak

But instead I'm stuck

Being a multitude of colors

My calm filled grey

My sad blue

My romantic magenta

My realistic red

These aren't all my colors

But I'll discover new shades of me eventually

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BookGirlGifted WriterFangirl+Reader+Writer+Maniac=Me
7 months ago
Yeah, not sure what this is. Just was bored and ha...

BookGirlGifted WriterFangirl+Reader+Writer+Maniac=Me
a year ago
Teddy Bear
This didn't turn out like I wanted. >.< Sorry y'al...

BookGirlGifted WriterFangirl+Reader+Writer+Maniac=Me
8 months ago

BookGirlGifted WriterFangirl+Reader+Writer+Maniac=Me
a year agoReply
@laurenohagan Thank you very much. <3333

laurenohagan21 and emotional af.
a year agoReply
I love this. I too feel that I can relate to colors as emotions, and you really perfected describing and matching colors with certain emotions. I too, feel that my emotions constantly jump from colors of the rainbow to nothingness... Great job.

BookGirlGifted WriterFangirl+Reader+Writer+Maniac=Me
a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil @michaelschulze Thank you both.

a year agoReply
Well book girl you certainly are a colourful person nice post

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
I loved it. Your use of the soectrum of colors was clever and made your message pop. Great job!!!!!