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Hey everyone, I know it's been a while. I've been super busy and haven't had inspiration. This probably sucks, but keep in mind it's been a while.


by BookGirl

In our world

Harsh words, salty tears, and the paint of blood fill the air

Just as common

As oxygen.

It's a thick, dark cloud surrounding us,

Which makes it difficult to breathe.

You try not to take part in the pollution,

But people use charming words to masquerade as facts,

And you find yourself both convinced and contaminated.

You have a disease,

Where the symptoms are quite simply judgement and rage.

And the infections spread fast and easy,

Not with DNA, but with words, opinions, and ideas.

Children become programmed

To bully those they were taught were different and wrong.


Because they don't know anything else.

In our polluted world,

Many are hated and judged for who they are.

Did we forget our most basic lesson?

Did we forget that kindness and compassion should be shared with everyone?

I believe we must have lost that knowledge, along the way.

Especially when you see things like me.

People are hated,

For who they love.

People are hated,

Since they look different.

People are hated,

For what they believe in.

People are judged,

For what they identify themselves as.

People are judged,

For what they do and don't possess.

People are judged,

For what they're born with.

Why should we criticize someone's interests?

Or their source of happiness? Or even their past mistakes?

In our cruel world,

There are some who wish for it to stop.

They're sick of the sobs and blood,

Of the pollution,

But they fight back to survive.

And get contaminated themselves.

In our imperfect world, many dream a dream of heaven,

Where everyone is accepted. Where there is no judgement, hatred, or pollution.

And the air

Is only filled



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@michaelschulze @bernardtwindwil Thank you both. <3

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This was an incredible poem. Your wording was concise and left nothing to misunderstand. Great post!!!!!

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We all learn how to hate it's only as we grow older we come to understand their are so many things we need to unlearn nice post