Monsters On My Mind
Monsters On My Mind secret-confession stories
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I confess that there are monsters on my mind.

Monsters On My Mind

Oh my eyes, strike them blind,

For they have seen a sight too gruesome for my liking!

Please, my dear, wrap that blanket around me,

So as to stop my quakes and give me some security.

Now I shall tell you my tale of horror and woe,

In hopes that when it comes to the truth, I won't be the only one to know.

What does it look like, you muse,

This monstrosity I have set my gaze upon.

I cannot describe it perfectly, for its features were far from what my vocabulary can depict.

But I shall try, nevertheless.

It was the gremlin from one's youth,

Remember the one hiding in dark corners and closets?

Your parents would warn you of its long teeth and sharp claws,

And though it was only a fairy tale, you still slept with the lights on.

But they live, I tell you!

They were not inhabitants of your mind, after all!

Though, they do not have claws, or scary teeth,

They're still as real as you or me!

But they've escaped from under your bed, and they're far from the shadows.

There's many walking on this street, living in this town!

Nowadays, they're harder to spot.

They can use human-like disguises to hide among us.

They could be our family, our friends,

It's all just a big game of "Guess?".

How did I see one, then, you wonder.

Especially if they have learned to hide so well.

Let me continue the story, my dear, and you'll soon know.

You see, I encountered not one, but two monsters in total.

It began when my husband came home, today.

But he was different, shouting harsh words at me,

Even pushing me till I turned colors, though I had only tried to calm him. He was not himself, though he looked like he was.

He must have been being controlled by a monster, there was no doubt.

So while he slept, I killed him and the monster inside, though I can only faintly remember how.

Only then did I realize, I too must have been taken over by a monster.

Nothing else could explain what I had done.

But don't worry, my dear, I am positive that I have been cured of this possession. All is well.

Why are you crying, my dear, and trembling in fear?

Why did you shut the door in my face?

I hear you locking it, but I don't understand your cause of alarm.

The monster is gone, my dear, you can come out. Please open the door and let me in.

You don't have to worry. After all, I'm still here.

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