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The Harry Potter series, both the books and movies, have been very important to me in life. They were my childhood, my gateway into the world of books and fandoms, and they're still a big part of my life.

Harry Potter Series

The whole story begins with life and death. A boy somehow survives death, though his parents are not as lucky.

The villain escapes, and the boy goes to live with his spiteful aunt and uncle.

And then, a letter comes. But not just any letter. It's a letter that will change the boy's life.

A letter that invites him to learn at a magical school. Thus beginning a whole adventure of 7 books.

After being introduced to this world, the boy has many escapades, leading him to come face to face with monsters,

Find good friends,

Have some romance,

Deal with countless villains,

And so much more. All in the name of defeating the main wrongdoer. The man who killed his parents.

After years and years, he finally succeeds. Though, there are many causalities in the war against evil.

Years later, Harry has his own family. And now is the time for his children to have their own adventures, in the new generation.

Ever since the first book was published 1997, the series has become widely popular, creating not only a movie franchise,

But also a theme park,

A play,

And even bonus books and movies.

It's an ever-growing fandom, with tons of fans, fanart, headcannons, and fanfiction. (I've even written some myself, but that's not important currently)

It's brought people together, creating everlasting friendships. It's brought people out of dark places, creating a world they can escape in.

Thank you, J.K. Rowling, for making this series. And touching all of the lives you have with your words. <3

I love this series. It's been an important factor in my life, and always will be.

That's something I can solemnly swear to.

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