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by BookGirl

You open your eyes,

But instead of seeing the bright, warm, beautiful light, you find yourself surrounded by darkness.

An empty void. All is black, and silent.

Your senses seem to fail you, since you experience...nothing.

Nothing to smell, nothing to touch.

Nothing to taste, or hear. And, above all, nothing to see.

It's like you've come to the end of space and time,

Where everything ceases to exist.

As your adrenaline slowly starts speeding up,

You find that you feel blank yourself. Like you can't think of anything.

You're not stupid. Only empty.

No memories. Just a hollow feeling.

You don't remember

The cold, runny feeling of ice cream on your lips.

Or the smell of fresh grown grass and flowers in the spring.

Or even the sound of your mother's laughter.

Everything you've grown up learning, and experiencing,

Is just gone.

You're left an empty shell.

And, as you slowly fade away into nothingness, unable to think anymore, your systems begin to shut down.

Your body doesn't remember how to breathe.

Your brain doesn't remember how to work the body. The blood ceases to flow.

And you just deteriorate into the endless sea of black.

Barely even dust on the wind.

It's like you never existed at all.

Everything about you is now just...gone.

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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
7 months agoReply
This was an accurate and sensitive description of Alzheimer's Disease. I appreciate that you were probably exploring a feeling of void more pertinent to young adults. The writing itself was compelling and vividly graphical. Great job!!!!!

tdog1614 and excited!
7 months agoReply
I'm this is not exactly the thrill I'm seeking but wow that just staked me in the heart.......voids hold so much depth(no pun intended) and you brought that out so much that it scared me....it's like you know my deepest secrets 😱 😳