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Burning Embers

by BookGirl

You wake up to see clouds of black surrounding your head,

And you immediately start having a coughing fit.

It's hard to breathe,

And you feel like your lungs are dry and practically empty. Like a car running out of fuel.

You move to run, but something holds you back.

Thick metal chains are trapping you to the imprisonment of a bed. You can't leave the room, and you know it's not worth the struggle of trying.

You accept your fate.

As your eyes adjust, you see the swirls of orange and yellow getting close.

As the smoke plays with your brain,

You almost see faces in the flames.

Grotesque smiles and laughter

Seem to be radiating from the faces, mocking your dilemma.

You want to cry, but you feel like a desert;

Hot and waterless.

The arms of fire reach towards you, crawling up your legs.

You go to scream, but you can't seem to feel the need to do anything but give in to the slow, numb, burning feeling.

Your skin appears to turn to wax,

And melts like a candle on a warm winter's day.

The flames become more adventurous,

And continue to climb farther up your body.

You see nothing but thick piles of smoke,

And the dance-like movement of the array of colors racing up your stomach.

You realize there's no world outside of this room.

It's just you.....and the swirls of smoldering heat.....and the laughing figures of fire.

You close your eyes, as they finally consume you,

Engulfing you in the endless flames of Hell.

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