All of me, None of you

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This isn't actually me. Just a story about a girl blinded by love. Thought of this with Suicide Squad hitting theaters. (The Harley Quinn and Joker relationship gave me ideas for it)

All of me, None of you

by BookGirl

They ask what I see in you.

They question how I could ever love you.

Yet they can't begin to understand the relationship we have.

The old me is gone,

She changed for you.

I don't feel

The slaps or punches you gift me with,

I only notice

Your smile.

I don't realize

What the drugs and booze do to me,

I'm too busy

Trying to impress you.

You never give love,

But you have all of mine.

You push me away,

But I try to draw closer.

I have no future,

Colleges don't want me.

Not with my poor grades,

Drugs, And alcohol abuse.

I am now an empty shell,

Filled only with love for you.

Our first kiss was magical,

But you were drunk, So you don't remember.

Our apartment isn't really "Ours".

But I stay, just in case you come home one day.

I realize I have given you all of me,

But yet I feel like I have none of you.

But that's okay.

I still love you anyway.

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@bernardtwindwil Thank you. I'm happy you liked it. I wasn't sure if I caught the emotion right, though. But you reacted like I wanted. I wanted people to be hit with emotion, and feel sympathy for the girl in the story. And to realize that "Love" can be like this. Don't let "Love" change who you are. Don't be hurt by a one-sided love. I'm happy you understood the message.

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I'm glad this did not happen to you. Wonderful and powerful story but oh so tragic. So many young people mistakenly confuse love for attraction, lust, fixation, or infatuation. It seems like there are so many poems about "unrequited love." There is no such thing. If it isn't mutual, it isn't love. Really good poem though.