Lonely girl

                      Lonely girl

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bonewitch 🧝🏻‍♀️🏹
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Lonely girl...

Lonely girl

They said to her that everything will be fine, But that was only one of all the lies. She is walking on thin line, And she nearly dies. Nobody would notice, if she won’t be here.

Her body is just a hollow shell. Her call for help echoes in the atmosphere And on her rests a cursed spell.

The people do not care and are almost blind. She cries and cries, But they will never understand her mind.

They see the girl with tears in her eyes, But they don’t see the demons in her head And the ghosts follow her in the darkness.

Her blood gleams in a crimson red And even she seems to be heartless,

Is all she wants a live in peace, But instead she will walking lonely on the streets. Lost forever...

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