I improved "Little Red Riding Hood"!!
I improved "Little Red Riding Hood"!! once upon a time stories

boiiiiiii did you expect more? sorry 'bout dat
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Once upon a time...

I improved "Little Red Riding Hood"!!

Once upon a time, a little girl was walking with a basket of 3 chocolate chip cookies to her grandma's house.

Suddenly, a wolf approached her. "Hey, lovely cookies you got there, who are they for?"

"Oh, I'm visiting my grandma and giving them to her. But you can have one if you want!"

"YUM! SURE!" the girl feeds the wolf a cookie.

All of a sudden the wolf dropped dead to the ground. The girl had an evil smile. "Ah yes, my new poison chocolate chip recipe works! Grandma will be dead in no time!"

She was closer to the grandma's house when another wolf approached her. "Hey, do you know what happened to my husband? He seems to be dead..."

Red riding hood panicked. "Oh no, um, he tripped on a...branch...and died"

"OH NO! THAT'S HORRIBLE! Might I ask, what's in your basket?"

"Oh, just some cookies. Would you like one?" "Sure!"

She takes the cookie and walks away "I'll eat this later!"

Eventually, she arrived to her grandma's house. "Oh hello dear grandmother!"

"Hello! I baked some fresh brownies for you to have! Would you like one?"

Her face lit up "OH BOY I WOULD!" she runs into the kitchen and grabs the brownies and gobbles them all up.

The wolf from earlier came out of the closet. "Oh, I'm glad you like my recipe for poison brownies."

"P...p...poison? But how did you know?"

"Really? Besides the fact that there wasn't a branch near him, but there was a half eaten cookie?"

Red riding hood suddenly felt weak. Her whole body was shaking, she could barely stand. The grandma came up to them. "I'm glad you like getting a taste of your own medicine. Goodbye!"

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