A Journal Entry from the Fugitive Slave Jeremiah
A Journal Entry from the Fugitive Slave Jeremiah scary stories
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Inspired by Jordan Peele's movie "Us". A story about Jeremiah's Tether. Note: This story has no spoilers, but may not make sense to those who haven't see the movie.

A Journal Entry from the Fugitive Slave Jeremiah

6 June 1858

i still dont know what i seen.

master came in last night to beat me again. werent sure why.

his eyes stung with red but this time there wasnt no booze on his breath. he call me an animal.

he tell me a house nigress seen me eating one of his chickens. i tell him thats a lie so he beat me harder.

he kept on calling me animal. he tell me to open my mouth and show my teeth.

he ask did you clean your mouth boy you must have cus all the bloods gone but i tell him i didnt eat none of his chickens and if i did ida cooked it first.

any blood on me was from his wedding ring. the other slaves pretended they was sleeping.

master stopped the beating when the oak door slammed open and the cold came in.

with it walked in me

but my clothes was more faded dun than mine and there was blood in my teeth when i smiled like i was sick.

i was covered in more dirt than me which is saying something. not me but him i mean.

he had the cleaver from the stump near the coop in his left hand and he ran up to master with it and buried it deep in masters forehead again and again.

the other slaves woke up with masters cries.

he looked like an animal with that cleaver. and he breathed heavy with a growl in his throat like one too. he left the cleaver in masters head and then he walked out the door.

but before he groaned loud and us other slaves looked at him with our eyes bright and wet.

when he left we followed and when we got outside he was gone.

we started our way up north in the morning and i thought i saw him run into the mine shaft by the lake.

i didnt tell nobody.

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