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I need to know.

I Want To Believe

Fifty percent of all Americans believe that UFOs are real. Well, of course they are.

If you see something flying through the air that you can't identify, it's a UFO, an unidentified flying object. Simple.

Of course, people hear the term UFO and they think "Flying Saucers." It's strange that we have the term "Flying Saucers," because most of the unidentified aerial phenomena aren't saucer shaped.

There have been reports of glowing orbs. They were identified during World War II as "foo fighters." There have been reports of triangular, rectangular and circular shaped crafts, as well.

Still, Flying Saucers is what people think.

I am an open minded man, and have been all my life. I do not doubt that many things are possible. I have never encountered a ghost but I have heard very convincing tales about ghost encounters.

Does it mean they are real?

I don't know. But, I will not discount the possibility. In California, when someone brought up the topic of the paranormal, I would listen and pose questions. I wanted to learn all that I could.

When I would question skeptics, they would ask if I was from Missouri. Missouri is known as "The Show Me" state. It was their way of saying that a subject had to be proven or disproven to me.

In other words, show me.

Often, when I stated my view on extraterrestrial life forms, people called me nuts. Usually, I was presenting them an alternate theory to religion, i.e. , that earthlings are genetic experiments of otherworldy races.

I have no idea if other species or races exist outside this earth. I have not seen evidence that they exist and the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

They could very well exist but I have no proof.

An open mind is often ridiculed. Some people have said that my mind is so open that my brains have fallen out. I counter that they assume I had a brain like theirs to start with.

My brain refuses to deny the existence of something that I haven't seen. I haven't seen one million dollars, yet, it does exist.

When it comes to aerial phenomena, I have seen a couple of aeronautical anomalies. To be sure, I am not a star watcher, or sky watcher. Phenomena have to be pointed out to me, usually.

But, I have seen them.

Once, on a beach near Pamona, California, a man pointed to an anomalous object in the sky. I looked up to see an object shaped like a Tic Tac that was moving through the sky.

It must have been very high because it was very small. It was about the size of a grain of rice.

To my eye, it was about the size and shape of a Tic Tac. It was directly overhead, moving at an amazing rate of speed.

Within seconds, it had gone from overhead, across the sky, to be beyond the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

I'm not knowledgable on airplanes but I saw no wings. Neither did I see any lights. It couldn't have been a bird because it was silver in color that glinted against the sun.

I saw it and a few seconds later, it was headed to Japan.

If that were the only oddity that I had ever noticed, I wouldn't be as intrigued as I am.

I could have talked myself into believing that it was simply a rocket that had been fired across the country. But there was no exhaust. No contrail.

I couldn't explain it. It was an object flying through the air that I couldn't identify, a UFO. That doesn't mean that it didn't have a terrestrial origin.

It means that I don't know what it was. Why ridicule people for that?

Another incident that I recall happened a few years ago, here in Georgia. I had put my Dad to bed one night and decided to take my dog outside before we prepared for bed. It was about eleven PM.

I didn't turn on an outside light becuase I wanted my eyes to adjust to the night sky. Humans can see at night, even if it isn't as good as in full light.

Besides, a light would simply invite insects to try to invade my house when we went in.

As my dog, Houdi, sniffed around looking for the perfect spot to potty, I smoked a cigarette and wandered into my front yard. When I looked toward the house, I saw lights in the sky.

At first, I thought it was a formation of planes.

These lights were hovering in one spot. The lights were red and blue, alternately. As I looked at the lights, half of them turned off and the other half turned to red.

Then they went off and the other half was blue. Then back to alternate colors.

I stood there watching the lights, wondering what it could be. I could tell that it wasn't very near but I could see the lights clearly.

Then the lights started changing from red to blue to red and blue. It looked like a light show.

Of course, we don't have light shows in the country. Within about a minute, the lights went off and never returned.

I didn't report the lights because I had no idea what I had seen other than lights.

The next day, in our local newspaper, I read an article about a UFO being sighted in a town nearby. The town was in the direction of the lights I had seen.

Eyewitnesses reported a round, saucer shaped UFO. Hmmm.

I often wonder if there is extraterrestrial life. If I had to bet, I would bet there is. The universe is too big for life to only occur once, with all the trilions of stars.

It's possible there is life in every solar system.

UFOs and alien life forms make me wonder. I wonder if they will make their presence known in my lifetime. I have always wanted to know as much as I could about subjects that intrigue me.

I want to see an extraterrestrial biological entity before I die. I want to believe they exist.

I just haven't seen the proof.


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