The Warm Breeze

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bobbywolf24 Community member
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it's dark... very dark... cold.. lonely.. silent.. but loud... what is it..?

The Warm Breeze

It’s dark…

very dark…


Lonely…. Silent….

But loud..

All at the same time.

The darkness is the lack of light, the light of your life..

It’s so dark because you haven't felt the light in so long….

It only grows darker with each passing second.

The cold is the lack of happiness, the warm sensation of happiness…

the warmth comes and goes, but only for seconds at a time..

It’s like you’re in the Arctic, but every breeze is as if you’re in Sahara.

The loneliness is the lack of people, the feeling of being alone…

you’re not alone..

Everybody is just hiding in the dark…

you don't know who or what they are..


just hear them….

It’s the unknown…

the not knowing who or what is making the sound..

That is terrifying.

The silence is the lack of communication, the voice of that certain someone…

you don't hear it in the many voices that you hear in the dark..

It’s gone…

it doesn’t exist without the light….

The silence scares you.

The sound, the loud, is the conflict…

it’s so loud…

the voices in the dark fighting…

they’re so loud….

There’s so many of them…

Anxiety is one hell of a drug..

Like love.

Anxiety comes with love…..

And it strays away from it at the same time...

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