Why Bernie Sanders Will Be Remembered
Why Bernie Sanders Will Be Remembered stories

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Why Bernie Sanders Will Be Remembered

Bernie never should have had a shot

He's not the typical person a young person supports. He's 74 and looks even older. He got very little press. Yet somehow, he rose up to challenge Hillary.

For under 30 voters, Bernie won by a long shot!

Hillary didn't even come close. Hillary is one of the most FAMOUS names in politics. How? Bernie has huge crowds coming out to see him at his rallies.

He showed us that authenticity actually counts in politics.

Hillary is NOT the most authentic person in the world...ahem....and that's how it's always been done. Politicians are NOT authentic. Bernie showed that authenticity counts.

He gave people hope.

He never should have had a shot. From debate schedule to super delegates, the odds were stacked heavily against him. Yet he plodded on and continues to fight.

You don't need to be Bieber to connect with youngsters

Hillary didn't manage it. Trump doesn't have a huge following with young people. If politicians want a big following and loyal supporters like Bernie did, take a few lessons from h

Bernie showed us how CORRUPT the system is

Whether or not Bernie would have won, nobody knows. But it is very clear the cards were against him. The press always assumed Hillary won. Superdelegates made choices before he was in the picture

What would it take to make the process more fair?

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