When I was 6, my bro and I didn't receive any presents for Christmas
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bobAll hail BOB
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When I was 6, my bro and I didn't receive any presents for Christmas

Our parents were broke. They could barely afford rent let alone Christmas presents.

Several days after Christmas, my Dad ran home screaming, "I saw Santa!!! He dropped something on our lawn from his sleigh"

My brother and I didn't really believe him, but we came out to take a look anyway.

On the lawn was a small envelope with a letter from Santa. In it, the letter said that the snow storm prevented him from reaching our house on Christmas.

At the bottom of the letter, next to Santa's signature, was an address where Santa had hidden our gifts.

My brother and I trudged through the snow and came to the spot.

Sure enough, we found our presents! They weren't anything big, but they were special nevertheless.

We are now no longer poor. The gifts are a lot nicer. But my favorite Christmas's are still the ones with my family back when I was 6.

I cherish all the gifts that I got back then. And take it out every Christmas for the memories of happiness.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This was beautifully and sentimentally written. When we are young, it truly is the thought that counts. Great story!!!!! Merry Christmas