7 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Isn't A Man Of The People

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Bernie Sanders isn't actually a man of the people!

7 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Isn't A Man Of The People

He flies in a private jet....oh wait.....

Actually, looks like Bernie flies with the rest of us....my bad....but wait, there's more

He's always eating fancy dinners with the 1%

If you consider Pizza Hut fancy....it's fancier than Dominos right?

Bernie has a private driver that drives him everywhere

Except for every day when he walks to work. And all other occasions. Actually he may not have a private driver.

He is a cold, rich old man who doesn't care about anything

Except for caring about cats. And birds

He doesn't care about his supporters, just about winning

Except when he takes care of a woman who passed out at his campaign speech. And made sure she was okay when the ambulance came

He wants to build a giant wall to block Mexico

Wait....that might be a different guy

He's not respected by anybody

Except for Hillary Clinton, who signed this letter thanking him for his commitment to real healthcare in 1993

So yea....Bernie Sanders everybody

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