Skephalo part 3 LIME WARNING
Skephalo part 3 
LIME WARNING gay stories

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Skephalo part 3 LIME WARNING

~~~Skeppy/Zak pov~~~ I lay on BBH's bed, waiting for nothing specific.

I just busted my one and only keyboard. It was over 200 dollars and I saved for a really long time to buy it. Before that I used a crappy AmazonBAsics keyboard.

BBH bursted into my room. "We're going to buy you another keyboard. Come on, get dressed." I was surprised at how odd Bad sounded when he said that, but I got up and dressed up like he said.

I scrambled downstairs, shoved a muffin into my mouth, grabbed my wallet, wore my shoes, and ran like the wind out of the front door.

I elegantly leap into the seat next to BBH's and I feel something under me. It turns out to be a hair clipper, which turns on under me and starts vibrating. I moan with pleasure, cover my mouth, and quickly remove the clipper as BBH looks at me alarmed. I toss it into the back seat and look at him like nothing happened.

*timeskip* We arrive to (insert store here) and try to find a parking spot. We find one and get out of the car. I run to the store while Bad locks the car.

We enter the store, and ask the cashier where the keyboard section of the store is. He tells us to follow him, and we do that. He takes us to the keyboard section and we test out a bunch of the keyboards to see which one I like best.

I finally find one that I like and I grab a box of it and we race back to the self-checkout line. We check it out, and I reach to grab my wallet, BBH denies and takes out his. "I'll pay for it, please?" he pleads. I let him pay, not seeing why.

We take the box and go home, as I can't wait to unbox it. I get a knife from the kitchen and grab my phone. "I'll post this to twitter"I say to myself. I hold the phone between my chin and collarbone and hit record. I say hello to 0my followers and grab the knife.

I tell them that my old keyboard broke and I needed a new one *skip all the incoherent nonsense* I slowly slide the knife through the tape on both sides- I'm gonna get drunk from ASMR soon, i thought, Some time later the keyboard is sitting on my desk, glowing with RGB.

I do a shoryt outro and end tthe video. I go put the knife away.

When I go downstairs, I see BBH getting ready to leave. "Why are you leaving?" I ask him. Apparemtly he needs to take care of his dog, Rat.

*timeskip to 2 weeks later*

~~~BBH/Darryl's Pov~~~


Today is the day!

The day I move to Skeppy's house!

!note I am so lazy lol !note

I grab my bags and boxes and get in the car. I open the back doors to place down the bag and see the hair clipper that Skeppy sat on. I chuckle as picking it up, and leave it on the seat.

I drive over to Skeppy's, picking up some muffins on the way.

WHen I get there,Skeppy is waiting for me at the door, squealing in joy. He helps me out of the car (which I didn't need help with) and grabbd my bags. I politely refused his help. He also saw the clipper he accidentally sat on and blushed.

I get all my bags and roll them to his house. I roll them to the spare room and lay them flat on the floor. In the smallest I have a little... Surprise... for skeppy.

I leave the bags there and go downstairs. "Skeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyy don't you have something to eat?" "Yeah I have a dorito" He says and then yeets the dorito at me. "Skeppy you muffin!" I yell playfully as skeppy grabs the dorito bag and pours me some.

"Thank you." I say to Skeppy after he gives me the bowl. I devour my doritos and run upstairs to unpack my PC and fold-out chair and table to set it up.

~~~Skeppy Pov~~~ I put away the doritos but right before closibg it i grab a couple and eat them. Doritos are Irresistble with a capital I.

I go upstairs to see what Bad is doing. I get to his room and notice him close a bunch of tabs on his computer. "What were you doing you muffin" I ask him. "Uh nothing" he says nervously.

"Ok whatever" I say and leave.

~~~BBH pov~~~ I get up and grab the suitcase with the... surprise.. in it for skeppy. I stealthily take it to his room and open it.

A maid dress. A beautiful maid dress. Dirty thoughts began filling his mind as a small grin formed on his face. He'd love to see Skeppy's reaction when he gave it to him.

I carefully plop it into a box and label it "For Skeppy". I leave it on his bed and dash away, chuckling like a madman.

End haha lol i rushed this so bad lol u r free to criticise my work I have never writ smut before pls help what tf am I doing with my life watch out for prt 4 coming soon comment if u want smut or agnst or fluff my hands hurt so bye

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