Bullet Wounds
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I finally got the nerve to look at old poems I actively wrote during those painful times. I'm slowly revising them and sharing the ones I find most relevant.
One day the wounds will fully heal, but for now the scars remain.

Bullet Wounds

by burlbbird

You’ve been hurt beyond belief, You know what it is like to grieve, So why did you find it necessary To inflict pain upon me?

You acknowledged that I did you no harm, Yet you line up your shots of middlemen and spies and lies

Tearing through the muscles and arteries Causing internal bleeding

All I see is red. And so I screamed bloody murder

You've got blood on your hands

First on stage, Selfish king of a Scottish tragedy, Then her without my seeing. But now I am staining the path you walk. What is it with you and making people bleed?

If I had known you were this way, That you liked to cause pain, I would have stayed away. I screamed bloody murder

I should have stayed away. I regret it all - I've got so much to say - The red is flowing, I am enraged.

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