Fast Forward, Play Back. Prologue:
       Fast Forward, Play Back.

                       Prologue: time stories

blur Delicate; not as flower— but a bomb.
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Things weren’t very special in the Pierre household. Though, it wasn’t much of a household altogether; with Portia missing, and mom and dad working overseas— Roan always ended up at home, with no other company besides herself.

It is until one uneventful night that she finds herself walking through memories to save her sister. And with a small recording camera at hand, the essence of time lies in her palm.

Fast Forward, Play Back. Prologue:

"Storms are closing in on Budapest tonight. Seal your windows, and—" Silence filled the room once again, as the young girl set down the TV remote. Nothing useful was broadcasting. Nothing that would help Roan find her sister.

The Pierres were a broken family, literally and figuratively. Eldest sister Portia? Missing. Mother Scarlett— Overseas. Father Callum, also overseas. This left fifteen year old Roan secluded at home, fending to take care of herself.

She was perfectly fine on her own. She knew how to cook, clean, keep herself healthy, and manage a budget. So, there was nothing life-threatening. Although, things would be much more enjoyable if she wasn’t alone. Her parents would’ve hired a nanny, but didn’t know how long they’d be gone for, and knew Roan would be fine by herself.

Yet, they’ve been gone for a year now, and she has to be extra cautious. Even being outside of the house was risky: someone could catch onto her routines, since she had no adult with her at any time. Being taken by CPS was the last thing on her mind. And she loved to be outside. The walls in her home felt cramped, and made her trapped.

Despite what the reporter had said, she walked over to the living room window, and pushed it open. She elevated herself through the gap, and landed onto the roof portion below. This wasn’t routine for Roan, but she did it frequently, nonetheless. The roof was a place of solitude, before Portia went missing. Even though, Roan would still scale

the house, just to feel that false sense on security— and that her beloved sibling was still with her, as this was an old pastime favorite between the two. She now stood solemnly atop the building, overlooking the city below. Having a home on the highest hill of the city did have its perks.

A comforting sense of safety washed over Roan’s body, a small smile grazing her lips. All was calm, and quiet— she felt at ease. It was a peaceful moment, all until a small piece of hail hit her head. “Shit.”

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