Love: noun /luhv/ (liking someone)
Love: noun /luhv/ (liking someone) romance stories

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A text for the Love Contest 2016, about the definition of love. Enjoy, and please vote!

Love: noun /luhv/ (liking someone)

by bluntpoet

I wish to explain what love is to anyone who hasn't felt it

and to make people who have felt it think that "Yes, this is the right definition".

Because I think everyone holds onto this hope

that they will one day find someone so utterly perfect for them that they will be shattered by the realization that they can never love the same way,

That this must be why people

created the word "destiny".

It is only love when you stop hoping,

and think that this is the person right for you.

It is only love when you stop hoping

and start living in the agony of losing them. It is the feeling that your love must be something bigger than the whole verse.

The feeling that your atoms and theirs were together,

somewhere, in some lonely star millennia ago, and they are finally back together.

It is the feeling that you can not lose them,

because you've been longing to have them since before you existed.

It is the feeling that they are a shard of glass

in your brain, that won't do any damage if it stays put, but if someone tries to remove it, you will lose what makes you yourself, your sanity, your ability to see colors in the world. All lost.

It is the feeling that you want to see

how they will look like in ten years, twenty years, thirty years from now, and you want them to still be devoted to you.

You want them to long to sleep in your arms

and tell you when they are cold so you can hug them.

It is the feeling of wanting to hug them so tight,

that you are not far away from hurting them.

Love is the connection you feel with their mind

the feeling you understand their words in a way others don't, the feeling that when they speak, they talk to your soul.

It is falling for their intelligence

before you fall for their body.

It is above lust,

and you might see they look nothing like what you expected them to look like. In fact, that is one of the most important signs you are in love.

Love is not questioning.

You start loving a person after you've seen every flaw. After you've seen what anger does to their voice. After you see the imperfections of their body. After you see them afraid and vulnerable.

It is when you are angry at them,

so much you want to break something, and still want to kiss the hell out of them.

It is when you believe their hug

is the most comfortable place in the world, even if it's bony.

It is when you believe they are the most beautiful person

born on the surface of Earth, and you don't refer to their appearance. It is when you want to take everything that could hurt them and aim it to yourself instead.

It is when their happiness is tightly adjoined with yours.

It is when you had every logical reason why you should not be in a relationship, and still you risk getting hurt, still you risk having your heart shattered and dismantled,

because of the inevitability

of falling in love with that particular person.

When you can't stop yourself

because you already love them too much to stay away.

Love does not roar.

It doesn't have the need to show itself to the world.

Love is the quiet moments you spend at the end of the day

sharing what you earned from your experiences of the world,

and love is always wanting to sleep

in the same bed they sleep in the end, just to get to see them lie next to you before your consciousness drifts away.

Love is spending all day thinking about them

and going to sleep wishing to dream of them.

It is asking their advice and opinion on everything,

but not their permission, because you don't belong to each other, you belong together.

It is wanting to see the world together,

travel everywhere, see everything, and still tell them they are the most amazing thing you have ever encountered.

Love is not settling with someone

because it's time to do so.

Love is fire, and agony, and faith, love is consuming,

love is euphoric and special. The absence of your loved one causes your heart physical pain.

It feels like love is bigger than everything.

It makes you hope that if something happens to either of you, you will be able to keep loving each other in another life, later. Because you can't not keep loving them.

Love doesn't make you believe

in such shallow things,

but it makes you insane enough

to wish they were true.

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