The gingerbread dream
The gingerbread dream christmas #gingerbread #fantasy stories
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bluevelvet10 Community member
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Oh .. sweet gingerbread sticky delirium Spoiling my seen and unseen senses

The gingerbread dream

Oh .. sweet gingerbread sticky delight

Spoiling my seen and unseen senses

Tickling the time, triggering vivid dreams

Walking me in stories with reindeers and snowflakes

I have cinnamon on my lips and right cheek from the gingerbread emperor who stole me late night kisses when i was asleep..

Hiding out between my hair locks , magic stardust

That sparkles like charmed sugar from the eyes of mystical gingerbread man.

In the palace of whipped cream..

candy and almonds we danced in circles until the sun showed us how the hearts of cinnamon also catch contour and angel wings that sprinkle love and joy vanishing the bitterness from the universe.


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