The Words of a Dying Man
The Words of a Dying Man odin stories

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Odin gives advice to his sons. Possible spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok.

The Words of a Dying Man

What else is there for me to tell you?

The seasons change, and time catches up to us.

Your life experience exceeds that of some of the planets and stars that have made this galaxy their home.

I have made mistakes.

And it is my greatest sorrow that you were tangled up in those misdoings of mine.

I wanted to lead you to greatness, because I knew you were both capable of it. Instead, I impeded you.

My time is ending. I've expected this day. I've longed for this day.

You will do well without me.

Our people will do well without me.

Do not forget the decisions I've made, nor the actions I've taken.

Let them guide you, not to follow in my footsteps, but to be better than I was.

A better king, a stronger ally, and, perhaps when the time comes, a greater father.

You are all that is left of this family. Keep one another close, for all I ever did was divide us.

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