7 deadly stories

bluesunshine 21 yo vegetarian who is kinda mean
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Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride. (Wish I had the patience to make the ending more detailed but rhyming takes a lot out of me)


Down deep in the earth where no one would dare to explore, 7 forms sat imprisoned for crimes that were only lore.

Invidia had hair like fish scales and a pointed chin, and she did not know where she had been. She craved to be in the sun, like other living things.

Why should she have any less? She deserved to be with the kings!

'Brothers, sisters, why must we stay in the dark, in the cold? What did we do wrong? We could escape, for we are strong!'

Luxuria was beautiful beyond compare, with eyes like turquoise and satin hair. Her words were spoken with great measure but she thought of one thing only; pleasure.

'My little sister, I do not know, but we have been here for so long. I've forgotten what is right and what is wrong.'

Gula was the roundest ally, and had a hunger he could not satisfy. 'I agree, we do not belong hidden. There is nothing good down here, it is forbidden.'

Superbia had a straight back and sharp jaw, and in his eyes, he had no flaw. 'I have lived in the dirt for long enough. I do not know why they have cast us aside, but we are tough.'

Avaritia had a golden stare, with large, clawed hands for grasping his share. 'Then we will escape! There are no bars that we cannot break!'

Acedia was small and slow, with heavy white eyes the color of snow. Why his brothers were so hasty, he did not know.

Ira had a build like steel, and an angry red brow he could not conceal. He seemed brave. 'Let us leave, then! I will break open this cave!'

And with more fury than ever seen before, the earth was torn a door.

But the 7 were not satisfied for long. Specifically, Invidia felt that she didn't belong.

She wanted golden hair and ocean eyes. She wanted every prize.

She took the fawns spots and the streams babble. She herself began to unravel.

She stole the womens lips and the poppys petals, the painters skills and the heros medals.

She enjoyed seeing others suffer. She enjoyed having their treasures and traits. She felt tougher.

But you see, it came at a great cost, because Invidia was lost.

Soon, the 7 were cast down again and the earth restored. The heros once again vanquished them with a sword.

And Invidia was in the cold again, with hair like fish scales and her pointed chin. Envy had made her thin.

Love others. Love yourself. You will never be anyone else.

And while you're at it, stay away from the other 6 too.

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