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bluesm Just trying to get my life back together
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I FIXED A LOT OF THINGS. STILL NOT PERFECT BUT WAY BETTER THAN THE SHIT SHOW IT WAS. 1rst story in a series of how I came to be ignored by most my friends.


Ever since the beginning if 8th grade I've had an unbreakable bond with a close group of guys.

I'm pretty much the only girl in the group.

Now at this point I could split off into many different tales, each of them leading to the mess my life is in now, so I'll just create a series. Everyday I'll tell a new story on how I lost all my friends. But, today is for my best friend. So, let's continue

Fishybear. That was his first nickname. My friend Raeli made it up and we spent the whole choir period whispering it at him until he looked at us. And when he would look at us we would always pretend we didn't say anything. I had never actually talked to he until then.

That was the day I met the best friend I've ever had.

At the time I had a different best friend named Savvy. One comment was all he made and it ripped me and her friendship to shreds. " Don't you think Blue's replacing you with Reese?" She believed him.

I don't think he intentionally ruined it, and it wasn't completely his fault. You see, when things get bad I tend to push people away. So I know she already felt alienated from me. That comment was just the last nail in the coffin of our friendship.

Fast forward a couple months and he was officially my new best friend.

My deppression continued to worsen, and closer to the end of the year things got weird with him. He always was acting off and it didn't help that I was at my worst and started pushing people close to me away.

One day he texted me and told me he was having a really hard time. After that he started ignoring me, and only me. I asked my friend Colton about it and he told me that Fish had liked me since 7th grade.

He told me that Fish was sad or mad because he had like me for so long and I never liked him back. And that he just felt rejected that I kept him in the friendzone for so long. So the obvious answer to that was to ignore me completely, right? Wrong. He got mad because I didn't feel the same. I know unrequited love hurts but i am in no way required to like him so I dont hurt his feelings.

But the thing is I miss him and I want to be his friend again. So I guess that's how i lost my bestfriend. The worst part is he seems happier without me there.

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