The Adventures of Rose Delancey: Part Two- To the Other Side of the Woods
The Adventures of Rose Delancey: Part Two- To the Other Side of the Woods read stories

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Part two of 'The Adventures of Rose Delancey'

In this chapter, Rose begins the first of many adventures to a strange world full of magical creatures on the other side of the forest.

The Adventures of Rose Delancey: Part Two- To the Other Side of the Woods

Our most extraordinary heroine Rose was anything but plain. Often, her bookish nature was mistaken for simple shyness. In fact, Rose was far from simple or plain.

Rather, Rose was something of an observer. She lived inside her mind, thinking more than speaking.

While one can never know the true depth of dear Rose's thoughts, one can assume that she was always daydreaming about being somewhere other than a little town called Maplebury.

Why was it called Maplebury? Nobody knows. What we all knew was that it was only home to around five hundred people, a few small stores, and some modest little homes.

It was not the magical world that Rose wanted to live in.

Luckily for her, that changed rather quickly.

No one quite knows what happened. All we know is this: one day, Rose sat outside, writing in her aged notebook, scribbling thoughts or doodles or whatever else.

And suddenly, she just stood up and began to walk.

She walked for some time, although she was never quite certain how long. It might have been three hours; it might have been two minutes.

All she knew was that at some point, she found herself wandering through a forest.

Before long, Rose found that she wasn't surrounded by the normal happenings in a normal forest.

The shrubbery had grown greener, the bugs were strangely metallic, and she swore that there was something following her about.

But, ever curious, Rose persisted.

Deeper into the other side of the forest, she found that things were not as they appeared from outside the tree line. All matter of creatures had begun to take notice of her.

Two young nymphs who glowed with an amazing blue followed her carefully, trying not to crunch the autumn leaves beneath their feet.

A centaur aimed a pointed arrow at her but stopped when she gave him a hard stare. "You shouldn't fear me." She said in a matter of fact way.

Amazed at her brazen nature, the centaur dropped his weapon at his hooves.

"Where do you hail from, child?" he asked, his voice coarse and husky.

"Maplebury," she answered simply, pointing towards town. "The little town over there?"

"I know not of what you speak, but this is the first time one of you has dared venture this far in more than three thousand years. Come," the centaur extended his hand.

"Our queen will want to meet you."

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