Timeless Daydreams
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blueribbons Just a girl enchanted by poetry..
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Left alone with one's thoughts on a rainy day..

Timeless Daydreams

There’s a heavy cloud over this lonely town.

One, filled with raindrops of melancholia that heavily rain down.

It hangs over the houses like a blanket of mist,

Muffling the pain and restlessness adrift.

It creates a vortex,

As vast as all of space,

Where time can stand still

And seconds can interlace.

Their heavy “tick tocks “ can speak many ways

Of wisdom and culture and the good ol’ days.

And the people,

The people are no longer all there.

They walk in a slow march

through the crowded town square.

Their faces hidden behind sheets of paper,

Blank masks,

An army of hungry dream breakers.

With eyes of coal and hooded motions,

they are almost completely devoid of emotions.

No thoughts.

No words,

Just utter silence.

They make their way off into the rain ,

that’s timeless.

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