She Wept on Her Bed
She Wept on Her Bed sleep stories

blueribbons Just a girl enchanted by poetry..
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Just a moment of reflection..

She Wept on Her Bed

She wept on her bed,

Over her dying dreams

Over her lost friendships

and human cruelties.

She couldn't wrap her head around,

Just couldn't understand

how this could all be in God's plan.

Her tears felt like drapes,

Closing over her eyes,

Heavy and distinct,

Leaving the world behind.

They became nothingness,

Just like her soul,

Once born from stars that glistened with hope.

She cried on her bed,

As the wind whispered by.

Telling her to jump,

And leave it all behind.

However this girl was different,

In fact quite unique,

Made separate from the others,

who were simply too bleak.

So she took all her sadness

and built a great wall,

To keep all her dreams in,

And keep out the "all".

You see, she couldn't care less,

About the rules and beliefs

Or any of the ugly things hiding underneath.

She just wanted to dream,

without Society's reach,

On all her new ideas,

That just didn't appease. ~B.R.

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