Ocean of Memories
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blueribbonsJust a girl enchanted by poetry..
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Take a dive into your memories..

Ocean of Memories

The deep blue roars, it's guttered growl.

A sound of great loss

beyond the shipwreck's howl.

a lock of hair,

crimson at least

shoots like an arrow

through the waters so deep.

A beautiful maiden,

with skin so fair

emerges from the depths

of the cold, liquid air.

shadows move upon her skin

dancing to a tune,

played from memories, within.

These memories are hidden

In fact they're so deep,

that even these waters

are merely small streams.

They prod at her mind

so eager to speak,

and she wonders if they'll ever shatter

or ever come free.

To pollute these waters,

with her pain and her grief

ridding it of its beauty,

replacing it with disease .

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