Light Beyond Darkness
 Light Beyond Darkness empowerment stories

blueribbons Just a girl enchanted by poetry..
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We are all shining from within.

Light Beyond Darkness

They fell from the sky,

powerful and majestic,

lighting the world on fire

Bringing suffering to some

And freedom to others

Like shooting stars

Illuminating even the darkest of souls

With hope and brilliance.

It was beautiful in a way..

I reached up to catch them, my fingers grazing the sparks.

I would keep these radiant treasures locked away in the deepest parts of my heart,

So that they may keep my soul ablaze forever more.

Never a single worry in my future.

Not a single tear upon my cheek,

Not a distinct bone of fear in my body..

I would rise above all,

Conquer everything.

Others would fear my power and admire my courage.

My love would heal the wounded..

My anger would bring mountains tumbling to the ground.

I would be the alpha and the beta.

The elements would belong to me.

Disasters would wait for my kill order,

And the sun would wait for my permission to shine.

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